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Lexasaudio started selling on eBay in 1998. We decided to branch out and start our own website after we started seeing repeat customers and wanted to give an easier channel to purchase. We also branched out to Amazon in 2014 and have seen huge success from that channel. In 2016, we changed the name from lexastech to lexasaudio after completely focusing on audio products!


Bose® noise cancelling headphones are our best sellers. We know them inside and out and only sell Genuine headphones. I always urge anyone, whether you buy from us or not, to take any headphones you purchase online to a local Bose® store and have them checked for authenticity. I cannot tell you how many times I've had individuals try to sell me fake pairs after they guaranteed they were authentic because they purchased them from a "reputable seller" on Amazon or eBay.


Occassionally, we will offer items besides audio products for sale in our eBay store, so be sure to check us out for a great deal!


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